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Back from Japan!

2009-04-12 12:15:50 by Shenkhar

I'm back from Japan!

I had an amazing time there - I'll post a link to pics at the end of this. I traveled from Tokyo all the way down to Beppu, saw quite a bit of the country and met lots of interesting people and made friends. The scenery is breathtaking, even when you are whizzing by on a train. The shrines are so atmospheric and everything is well kept. My favorite place was the island of Miyajima, just off the coast of Hiroshima - a very beautiful island with lots of interesting things to look at and do. The shrines of Nikko were also a highlight, the day I went it was lightly raining which only added to the scene.

Anyway I'm glad to be back - although I miss japan ;_;

I have a song brewing. I just need to nail down some stuff before I release it.

Pictures here!
(There are more than just that album - check them out!)

So... I'm in Japan.

2009-03-19 04:30:52 by Shenkhar

Alright folks - it finally happened, I am in japan. I'm currently staying near Asakusa, exploring the city. After tokyo I'll be traveling down the main island making stops along the way.

Today I made it over to Akihabara - wandered around there for the morning, browsed through Yobodashi camera and saw the various shops. After that I went to Sens%u014Dji, a temple in Asakusa. The area surrounding has some shopping arcades and cool stores. After than I took the subway down to Shibuya and saw the big crossing area, Hachiko and the big ad screens.

Well, I'll be here for a while and will most likely not have time to make much music. When I get back I should have some inspiration and get back to work :D.

Thats it for now - Shen

Suprise, its a game!

2008-10-31 00:00:39 by Shenkhar

So - back in august I got an offer to have my music in a game (around the same time as my last news post). A paid offer.
It happened the week that "Thunderheads at sunset" got in the top five.
Needless to say I was pretty pumped - as this was the first time I'd even gotten an offer for my stuff to be used. Anyway JCBlommstein is the developer, he has made a few flash games before and has a really kickass game engine built, along with an equally (if not more kickass) game concept.

It is called Audix - a flash based console game, being funded by Kongregate. It is longer than your general "diner dash" or short flash game, its a "console game" like sonic, mario - you name your character. The game will have physics similar to that of sonic or "Fancy pants adventures" - coincidently the animator for the project is Brad Borne (the creator of fancy pants 1+2). Our artist is Michael Jaecks, he has done some amazing concept art. I am doing the audio along with Zac Dendinger, who will be making some music, but mainly handling sound effects and such.

The project page is Here if you want to take a look at some art/story/game mechanics.

Needless to say I am damn pumped for this to get released, it is going to be awesome. No word yet as to when it will come out though...

Vacation and toronto

2008-08-09 16:23:43 by Shenkhar

So - I went on vacation to Ontario last week. It was pretty awesome, although most of the time was spent visiting relatives. On the last day I got some time to run around toronto - took the subway down to queens street W, because I wanted to check out a audio store down there called "Moog Audio". The place was very nice, lots of DJ equiptment and music around. I was there to look for some studio refrence monitors. After looking and testing for a few minutes I settled on a pair of KRK Rokit 5's, ( pic below) they look nice and sounded even better. I then had to haul them 5 blocks back 2 the subway station (at 17 lbs each... it can get somewhat tiring after a bit).

So, I'm back now, ready to start producing again - I hope to release some new tracks soon.. I also will have a special announcement to make in the coming weeks, look forward to it!

Vacation and toronto

New equipment!!!

2008-05-28 22:38:58 by Shenkhar

Whoo hooo, a new audio set up!
I recently purchased some DenonDJ hp-1000's, which are godly... so godly infact that I had to get a new sound card (I could hear lots of noise/high freq crackling due to low quality D/A converters in my laptop's built in soudcard). So, I got the M-audio 410 external firewire recording interface. It has 4 inputs and 8 outputs, really good unit for the price I payed. Anyway I'm pretty happy with my new set up,(looking forward to recording some live sounds instead of always using vst's.) I'm glad I got it. Be prepared to hear some nice tracks coming out in the near future.

- Shenkhar

Alright, here is a sample of a new track I'm currently working on. Its a simple representation of the final project, but it'll stay true to form. Here it is.

Alive and well! (looking for some help/collabs)

2007-10-28 05:31:44 by Shenkhar

Oohhf.. Its been a while. University is going in full stride (which is the main reason I haven't released much "quality" or "finished" work in the past month or two). However, I'm doing the finishing touches on a remix of "Have you ever been mellow" (vocals... blarg, what a pain to get those lined up/recorded). Anyway, I'm doing fine and hope to work through/dissolve the writers block I've been having as of late - and release some new stuff.

(as a side note, if your a vocalist, preferably female, and would like something to do - drop me a line via pm or aim/msn. Also I'm looking for some form of collab, again - pm me with your ideas.)

And now to fall asleep because its 4:30 AM where I live. Good night
- Shenkhar


2007-09-12 02:48:06 by Shenkhar

Wow, who'da thought that I'd get on the "Best of all time" list... Well thank you all for voting, and downloading my work. I can't say how much I appreciate it. I'm glad that I'm not just throwing music onto deaf ears.

Also, be on the lookout for a new track... sometime this week (or maybe next).
Here is a preview link, if you want a sneak peek. The file posted is an ooolld version - just a test of the melody and such. The finished one will have vocals, better drums and will be layed out somewhat diffrently with diffrent synths.


Nooooo... where did summer go?

2007-08-31 04:11:17 by Shenkhar

Aaahg! University starts in... a week???
Needless to say I'll be busy for a while, but I'll try to get some new tracks up soon! (two or three pieces)

I'll be attending U of M, so if any of you are in the area, we should hang out!

- Shenkhar

Oh for f--- sake.

2007-08-06 05:22:03 by Shenkhar

Some days I just hate people who downvote just because they are jealous. I personaly always vote fairly, even so far that I never vote more than one number up or down from its current score (unless it is very good, in which case I vote 5). I urge you all to remember to vote fairly, and listen to a submission in its entirety before killing it.

(There... got that one off my chest.)