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Suprise, its a game!

2008-10-31 00:00:39 by Shenkhar

So - back in august I got an offer to have my music in a game (around the same time as my last news post). A paid offer.
It happened the week that "Thunderheads at sunset" got in the top five.
Needless to say I was pretty pumped - as this was the first time I'd even gotten an offer for my stuff to be used. Anyway JCBlommstein is the developer, he has made a few flash games before and has a really kickass game engine built, along with an equally (if not more kickass) game concept.

It is called Audix - a flash based console game, being funded by Kongregate. It is longer than your general "diner dash" or short flash game, its a "console game" like sonic, mario - you name your character. The game will have physics similar to that of sonic or "Fancy pants adventures" - coincidently the animator for the project is Brad Borne (the creator of fancy pants 1+2). Our artist is Michael Jaecks, he has done some amazing concept art. I am doing the audio along with Zac Dendinger, who will be making some music, but mainly handling sound effects and such.

The project page is Here if you want to take a look at some art/story/game mechanics.

Needless to say I am damn pumped for this to get released, it is going to be awesome. No word yet as to when it will come out though...


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2008-10-31 00:07:37

Its nice to see some of the audio artists getting a little recognition! Too many of you guys go noticed!
Good luck man! I would totally buy it if I had a new console =P.


2008-10-31 06:08:23

Is that penguin-picture the real graphics style of the game? (I hope not, lol)


2008-10-31 15:22:34

Congratualatory cock joke.


2008-10-31 15:37:07

What a dissapointment.
I was expecting a girl.