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New equipment!!!

2008-05-28 22:38:58 by Shenkhar

Whoo hooo, a new audio set up!
I recently purchased some DenonDJ hp-1000's, which are godly... so godly infact that I had to get a new sound card (I could hear lots of noise/high freq crackling due to low quality D/A converters in my laptop's built in soudcard). So, I got the M-audio 410 external firewire recording interface. It has 4 inputs and 8 outputs, really good unit for the price I payed. Anyway I'm pretty happy with my new set up,(looking forward to recording some live sounds instead of always using vst's.) I'm glad I got it. Be prepared to hear some nice tracks coming out in the near future.

- Shenkhar


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2008-05-28 23:34:00


Let's go for more drinks again soon or something

Shenkhar responds:

I'm off work thurs/fri. Lets hang out then :D.


2008-07-30 09:30:13

I really like ur stuff =). Check out my stuff sometime!