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Oh for f--- sake.

2007-08-06 05:22:03 by Shenkhar

Some days I just hate people who downvote just because they are jealous. I personaly always vote fairly, even so far that I never vote more than one number up or down from its current score (unless it is very good, in which case I vote 5). I urge you all to remember to vote fairly, and listen to a submission in its entirety before killing it.

(There... got that one off my chest.)


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2007-08-30 10:16:36

I think this has been discussed in the audio forums before, but its been concluded that immature 13 year olds tend to zero everything so their tracks are up top on the charts. I'm not sure how it works now, with the new audio voting system, but I used to stay entirely away from submitting to the trance section, as many of the "zero bombers" tend to submit their songs in that category. That's why I only have like a few trance tracks only :p

Shenkhar responds:

True - it has been discussed to death. But hey, I do like the new rating system. It help prevent 0-bombing on a small scale.


2007-08-31 01:28:30

This ain't gonna change nothin' man =\

Seriously dude, don't even worry about the score of your music. If you like the song then it was a success regardless of what others think.

Shenkhar responds:

I agree, but the post was a rant :P. Thanks for the encouragement.


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