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Vacation and toronto

2008-08-09 16:23:43 by Shenkhar

So - I went on vacation to Ontario last week. It was pretty awesome, although most of the time was spent visiting relatives. On the last day I got some time to run around toronto - took the subway down to queens street W, because I wanted to check out a audio store down there called "Moog Audio". The place was very nice, lots of DJ equiptment and music around. I was there to look for some studio refrence monitors. After looking and testing for a few minutes I settled on a pair of KRK Rokit 5's, ( pic below) they look nice and sounded even better. I then had to haul them 5 blocks back 2 the subway station (at 17 lbs each... it can get somewhat tiring after a bit).

So, I'm back now, ready to start producing again - I hope to release some new tracks soon.. I also will have a special announcement to make in the coming weeks, look forward to it!

Vacation and toronto


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2008-08-09 19:49:50

Have fun and have a good day sir.

If you release something, PM me if you remember and I'll check it out.


2008-08-09 20:00:17

You live in Winnipeg?

I am sorry.