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Alive and well! (looking for some help/collabs)

2007-10-28 05:31:44 by Shenkhar

Oohhf.. Its been a while. University is going in full stride (which is the main reason I haven't released much "quality" or "finished" work in the past month or two). However, I'm doing the finishing touches on a remix of "Have you ever been mellow" (vocals... blarg, what a pain to get those lined up/recorded). Anyway, I'm doing fine and hope to work through/dissolve the writers block I've been having as of late - and release some new stuff.

(as a side note, if your a vocalist, preferably female, and would like something to do - drop me a line via pm or aim/msn. Also I'm looking for some form of collab, again - pm me with your ideas.)

And now to fall asleep because its 4:30 AM where I live. Good night
- Shenkhar


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2007-11-28 21:04:41

Hey, I am listening to your songs and reviewing them.