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So... I'm in Japan.

2009-03-19 04:30:52 by Shenkhar

Alright folks - it finally happened, I am in japan. I'm currently staying near Asakusa, exploring the city. After tokyo I'll be traveling down the main island making stops along the way.

Today I made it over to Akihabara - wandered around there for the morning, browsed through Yobodashi camera and saw the various shops. After that I went to Sens%u014Dji, a temple in Asakusa. The area surrounding has some shopping arcades and cool stores. After than I took the subway down to Shibuya and saw the big crossing area, Hachiko and the big ad screens.

Well, I'll be here for a while and will most likely not have time to make much music. When I get back I should have some inspiration and get back to work :D.

Thats it for now - Shen


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2009-03-19 07:33:34

I'm jealous... send some pics later XD


2009-03-19 10:10:51

OMG! tis Ichigo on ur icon! BLEACH ROCKS


2009-03-19 11:59:05

Oh hey your near my area!
Well maybe you'll get to see me (i hate being in public).

Oh and enjoy yourself on all my homeland has to offer.


2009-03-19 12:27:37

Wow, sounds really cool. I wish I could go to Japan someday.


2009-03-19 12:54:23

Lucky bastard.

Make a vlog like TokyoCooney.


2009-03-19 14:06:02

Holy shit...I wish I was you in Japan right now...


2009-03-19 15:03:06

One of my friends is in Japan as an exchange student!


2009-03-19 16:29:13

Dude you seriously got to post some pics


2009-03-19 16:33:49

Fucn Japanese They should have been Fucn 0wned in WWII Bunch of Fucn Buck Teeth FUCKERS


2009-03-19 17:22:35

You should be "owned" for your atrocious grammar.

On the other hand... I am very jealous, Japan is among my top ten places to visit before I die.

Make sure you post some pictures!


2009-03-19 20:00:18

No way, have fun, man!


2009-03-19 20:01:04

The people above me are all weeaboos.