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Entry #11

Back from Japan!

2009-04-12 12:15:50 by Shenkhar

I'm back from Japan!

I had an amazing time there - I'll post a link to pics at the end of this. I traveled from Tokyo all the way down to Beppu, saw quite a bit of the country and met lots of interesting people and made friends. The scenery is breathtaking, even when you are whizzing by on a train. The shrines are so atmospheric and everything is well kept. My favorite place was the island of Miyajima, just off the coast of Hiroshima - a very beautiful island with lots of interesting things to look at and do. The shrines of Nikko were also a highlight, the day I went it was lightly raining which only added to the scene.

Anyway I'm glad to be back - although I miss japan ;_;

I have a song brewing. I just need to nail down some stuff before I release it.

Pictures here!
(There are more than just that album - check them out!)


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2009-04-12 12:22:30

Wow dude, thats awesome! Glad you have a fun time :D


2009-04-12 12:26:16

those pictures are so cool. how long did you go for?

Shenkhar responds:

I was there for 24 days (just over 3 weeks), awesome trip.


2009-04-12 12:35:41

Japan rules like hell. Love Japan.


2009-04-12 13:00:02

Damn, nice.

I'd love to go to Japan some time.

Shenkhar responds:

Plan for it! Seriously - $2500+airfare and you'd be set for 3 weeks.


2009-04-12 13:06:33


And gaymen!


2009-04-12 13:46:05

Nice pics dude :D If we talking about art and architecture Japan people are most creative and open on new things in whole world ^^


2009-04-12 14:17:14

I also have a blog up about the whole thing - some cool stories (if you care to read them, haha)
http://david-japantour2009.blogspot.c om/


2009-04-12 14:31:12

Nice pics man

might get a house n live there


2009-04-12 17:52:36

Gahh, don't get suckered in by all the 'ancient preserved Japan' BS.
You should've explored more of the Tokyo city nightlife

Shenkhar responds:

I disagree - sure the shrines and crap are all very tourist oriented, but the countryside was awesome... I like hiking.


2009-04-12 21:41:40

Do you speak or read japanese, cuz i hear that It's hell there if you don't know either. I would go too, but since i don't know the language, im in doubts.

Shenkhar responds:

I understand a bit of spoken Japanese, but not much. There are English signs and maps everywhere so if you know just a few simple phrases it's really easy to get around. As soon as you leave Tokyo everyone is generally friendly and will help you if you need it - so knowing Japanese isn't that big of a deal.


2009-05-07 03:54:07

Miyajima is quite nice. You must have had a good time there since you're not Black. I'm Black. That makes us adversaries.


2009-07-31 22:02:39

Do you have facebook? I was going to add you if you did.